Why I started The Impact Faculty


Why I started The Impact Faculty

Progress towards solving some of our biggest social and environmental problems has been painfully slow. Despite over 40 years of knowing about climate change and negative human impact on the planet, we are still ignoring the facts, the ‘Circular Economy’ is still a foreign concept to many and I feel that we are only scratching the surface of some of our deeply ingrained social issues such as gender equality.  


There is hope and thats is why I started this new and exciting business, well there are lots of reasons, but here are my top 5.

1.       EMPOWERED LEARNING - I believe that it is only through learning, unlearning, relearning that we will get to the crux of these wicked problems. Re-imagining and rebuilding the world we want to live in, not the world that has been thrust upon us, with its broken systems.

From individual learning to learning organisations, we can be empowered to solve these problems.

2.     ‘MY WHY’ - one of my key values is love of learning. I would be an eternal student if I could, so not only am I committed to learning for sustainable development, I am also an advocate of learning for all. There are still 130 million girls around the world that are not in school and project DRAWDOWN proved that educating girls and empowering women is the No. 1 solution to climate change. That is why I have partnered with ONEGIRL to make an each one, teach one promise. Every time you purchase a workshop or course of a certain value, 10% of that ticket will provide much needed support for girls education in Africa.

3.       ENGAGEMENT - is the key to designing and delivering successful projects. I have worked with businesses and government designing engagement programs to bring stakeholders on the journey for over 12 years. Trying to design an engagement program without understanding human behaviour, is like trying to fix a car without understanding how the engine works. Humans are complex, but there are some tried and tested methods that work to get people on board.  

4.       USABILITY - The idea of the impact faculty is simple. We need to learn knowledge and skills that we can use to create a positive impact. It’s what I’m calling #learningforimpact. For me it’s about building capacity by distilling complex topics into easy to understand information and usable tools. This quote sums it up: “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge, let your learning lead to action” (Jim Rohn).

5.       CO -CREATION – A faculty is a group of experts, and its these experts that will be used to create cutting edge content and unique learning experiences.  It is through partnerships that we will be co-designing and delivering impactful programs.  These expert partners will make up the faculty.

The Impact Faculty is a specialist sustainability training and education company, delivering learning and engagement for a sustainable world. We utilise different types of learning and engagement, from classes, to experiences, from online learning to play. There are so many ways to learn; we are only ever restricted by budget, not imagination. 


Need to up-skill or design impactful programs to engage your stakeholders on the journey, contact me. 

Want to be part of the Faculty and co-design impactful programs with us? Contact me.

Need a coffee and chat about how we are going to fix this crazy but beautiful world, you can contact me for that too.